Here is another Progressive/Hate America plan.


The  Editor:   Who is in charge of the social media companies like, Facebook, Google,  WIFI,  and all cable, LL ?

No Where Cat:  No one is in charge.  Congress has ignored anti-trust and monopoly laws.  They get too much campaign money from the companies they are supposed to regulate.

Here is one reason things are bad.  The government’s  UNLIMITED PLAN  is what Verizon says it is.  The government should open competition to all cable and wifi companies.  Maybe we should elect Bernie and they all will be free.

Trump is right about the  ” media ” censoring conservative views and links.  These chickens are going to come home to roost.

Here is another creep that needs to be reigned in.  The richest man in the world doesn’t want agriculture workers to make a living wage.  Tax Amazon more and give it to agriculture workers,  $ 20.00 an hour adjusted for inflation.

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