Speaking of evil, here is the face of evil.


The Editor:  This title seems to cover everything, LL.

World Citizen Cat:  It sure does.  We want to keep getting those disappointed NY Slimes readers.   My first article is about a fool, oops, and pod.  One comment about the article said the woman was a Millennial who had eaten too many Tide Pods.

Here is a real Super Pod, hopefully on their way to clean up San Fransicko.

This is a continuing topic of The Sphinx.  It has been going on for years.  No one has enough money to correct the construction SNAFU’s.   They are waiting for an earthquake to knock the ” screw up ” down.   The old government building inspector has retired to a private island in the New Hebrides.  A little tilt won’t hurt unless it’s Pinball.

Here is a big oops, the government didn’t close the highway.  Drivers had to flee their vehicles.

Obama says he created Trump’s new Jobs, lowest unemployment rate in forty ( 40 ) years, and all the wage increases.  He also said if he had more pallets he would have solved the North Korean problem.

This is the only job he is qualified for.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—-OOPS, PODS, & JOBS

  1. I knew Obama was EVIL when he locked WW 2 veterans in wheel chairs out of an open air WW 2 museum, when he shut down the government.

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