Archive | October 5, 2018



I would have loved to see this horse at the Senate Dr. Ford hearing.  They would still be running, as if someone had said God or patriot.


The Editor:   Where did you find the Russian Colluding photo, LL ?

Thief Cat:  I stole it from that Ronan guy.  He has hundreds of them, all over the place.  This is Trump’s Russian buddy.

Here are some deals for our rich loyal readers.

Hanoi Jane is back in politics.  Just when you think they are doing productive things they reappear.…0.0..0.132.1464.21j1……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i131j0i131i10j0i10j33i160.i5mCqfWQbbI

Here is an original link that has the audio mixed up because of the difficult filming conditions.  Tarzan is really saying—-me Tarzan, you traitor.