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Today is Columbus Day, he was a white Italian who got good press.  Good for him.


The Editor:  Can you summarize the Senate victory, LL ?

Justice Cat:  If you want the best summary listen to Senator Collin’s  reasoning.  It is about forty-five  ( 45 ) minutes long.

Here is a summary from a cat.  Feinstein kept secret for about five ( 5 )  weeks a letter saying Judge Kavanaugh assaulted a girl about 36 years ago.  She released the letter at the last minute, rather than let the Senate investigate the accusation.  In short the news media repeated the unsupported lies without any proof.  The media kept repeating the lies for weeks.  Finally, Kavanaugh had a seventh ( 7 ) FBI  investigation.

TE:  Who were the smut throwers, liars, creeps, sociopaths, and other vile creatures trying to destroy an honest man and his family,  JC  ?

These are the main ones, Feinstein,  Schumer,  ole Kamala,  Spartacus ( Booker ),  Maxine, Hill-gal, Obama,  and the many Hollywood creeps.  The most disappointing thing in the last couple of years is the main stream news has become an outspoken political arm of the Democratic Party.  Most of America doesn’t believe anything any of them have to say.

If I was running for a mid-term office I would mention this and other Trump accomplishments in every speech.  All Republicans should turn out to vote–there might be another Supreme Court retirement soon.  In the meantime America has the right man.