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Written By: Sheila Tolley

Why are so many people walking around the issue of Christine Blasley Ford like they are on eggshells? I am sick of these talking points: 1) she came across as very credible at the hearing. 2) she most likely did suffer a traumatic event 3) she is a victim 4) she did not know that Chairman Grassley was willing to come to her location to obtain her testimony since she was afraid to fly…and on, and on and on.

I can… and do…..have an opinion. She is not credible AT ALL. She was and remains a willing participant in a Personal, Greedy, Very Financially Rewarding Sham Scheme to delay and obstruct President Trump’s appointment  of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS. She was a liar and an actress while under oath. She knew from the beginning that the letter would eventually be (supposedly) leaked. They played it that way so she could appear to be a victim. They may not have told her which unscrupulous member of her team would do “THE NASTY DEED” but she knew it would be leaked. The sham would not have worked otherwise. How would the GO FUND ME dollars get to her without her name being leaked? What lawyer has ever announced, as hers did, that they are working Pro Bono, while the client is  testifying? Can you remember anyone in your life who has hired a lawyer and did not ask….What will this cost? In fact, can you remember ever needing a lawyer and the lawyer not telling you, up front,  what the cost would be? That is how lawyers make a living. This woman who was supposedly afraid to fly, booked more flight time than Superman.  Get UN-STUPID people. This woman is a liar!

Who cares if she suffered a traumatic event? I could not care less about this POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL. There are men and women who suffer trauma EVERY DAY who are enlisted in our military. When a parent gets a call that their child is coming back in a coffin or parts of them will be left behind….THAT IS TRAUMA. Did you know that 800,000 people are reported missing each year in America? Did you know that 43 million people in America live in poverty? Did you know that 554,000 people are homeless in America? Do you realize that 1 out of every 33 children born in America last year was born with birth defects? Put yourself in the shoes of these people and their families…then we will talk about trauma.

Even if this woman was groped, grabbed, touched, etc. by someone 26 years ago…….big damn deal, she should have called the law. She can take her million dollar Go Fund Me contribution home and enjoy yourself. I am sure she will include the funds as income on her taxes and send George Sorros a thank you note.

Maybe her next suppressed thought that  “MAGICALLY ACTIVATES ITSELF” will include Corey Booker. If so, I hope she succeeds in taking him down. In the meantime….all 15 year old rich, beer drinking, teens with no driver license need to stay in walking distance of home…so they can remember where they were and how they got home in case somebody tries to (retroactively) rape them in 26 years or so.

Don’t waste your time waiting for one of those new, famous, walking back, politically correct apologies from me.  Because it ain’t coming!

-Sheila Tolley-



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