Archive | October 10, 2018



Our loyal readers in Alabama, Florida Panhandle, and Georgia should check their local weather.


The Editor:  What is going on with America, LL ?

Small Cat:  For our readers who believe in evolution, we are going backwards.  Here is a link to how those readers have advanced.  One other thing, this is where the smart cats decided to stay small.  We wouldn’t be a threat to humans.  We also knew that a species that would kill its own kind over a drink of water from a mud puddle was a species to be reckoned with.  This looks strangely like America.  May the best ape win.

I think the cities will get more violent.

Maybe Trump can appoint enough judges that follow the Constitution to make a difference.

As this author says,  ” what’s  left “.  I hope RBG retires while Trump is President.  What fireworks.

It might be the-end.