The Editor:  What is new and improved, LL ?

Home Depot Cat:   We are trying to improve The Sphinx, so we can make more money.  Our first new section is tentatively called–sleazy,  crooked,  should be in prison,  taxpayer money sucking creeps,  amoral,  sociopaths,  demons from the vents of Hell,  who think that decent Americans are fooled by their lies and deceit.

TE:  Who is our first nominee, HDC ?

Muckraker Cat:  Ole Eric Holder,  Obama’s  Attorney General.  The only thing of note that he ever did was cover up his baby–FAST AND FURIOUS, THE SELLING OF ILLEGAL GUNS TO THE MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS,  WHAT A GUY.   Obama, his boss, gave him Executive Privilege, so Congress wouldn’t send him to prison.

Over three-hundred  ( 300 ) people have been killed by the cartel-drug-dealers with the 2,000 illegal guns, including American Border Patrol members.  I would like to see Trump debate ole Eric on this illegal act.

Google and Facebook are already censoring conservative  sites, now you can add the Chinese government’s wishes.  Google, Facebook, and Twitter have become political operations.

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