Archive | October 18, 2018

….and then there were 14.

Well…looky there, they have convenient traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia too!

Image result for pic of cartoon camel clyde


I bet the other 14 survivors are headed for their camels. These new Google (Government) Controlled Automobiles absolutely cannot be trusted. Surprising, unexplained events magically happen sometimes.

Remember the file folders belonging to Vince Foster. (Last seen by Hillary Clinton) NO fingerprints at all on were on his file folders. Let that sink in just a moment…….NO fingerprints on  file folders? Then Vince Foster was dead. Strange, huh?






The Editor:  What is happening that is good, LL ?

Constitution Cat:  The Republicans have started to fight back.

Trump has accomplished a lot with the media, and several Republican Senators against him.

If you take subscription medicine you can now ask your pharmacist for the cheapest drug available.

In January Social Security recipients get a raise.

Vitamins and minerals have and will be good for your diet, no matter what the drug companies bribe politicians to say.