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I know this may surprise everyone in Readerland, but I really am a thinker. I often ponder ways that may help my president get that wall built on our Southern border.

This is my plan: We get some old, beat-up vans. A LOT of vans. Enough to hold around 5,000 people. My friends have some that I am sure they will loan to my project. They are left over from the Woodstock era, so they should work nicely. We can probably buy the one that Hillary recently wrecked inside the parking garage, at a discount.

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Next, we load the vans with healthy, white people. We need a large ratio of MEN, with a few women and kids scattered around the group, just for a confusion factor.

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Then we take the loaded vans to Mexico….. along with an experienced camera crew. We will position them about two days ahead of the caravan that is currently making its way to our southern border. Then we unload the vans and let the white people walk along the previously trampled, well-traveled trails. They can carry all sorts of signs that imply they are in fear of being hurt in their homelands. They will wave flags from Sweden, Norway, Ireland, etc.

Then we turn on the cameras. The rest is as “easy as falling off a log.”

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We send the pictures to Diane Feinstein marked CONFIDENTIAL. Thirty minutes later, when she releases them to Main Stream Media….all the democrats will TOTALLY FREAK OUT!

“OMG..there is a caravan of illegal white people traveling toward our border. I see a bunch of WHITE MEN in the pictures. Call Chuck, tell him to get Mitch on the phone….we must ask if congress can meet about that wall  TODAY.”

Then we overheard  Image result for big mouths be quieton an open mic:


“Oh, shut up Spartacus… and you, Elizabeth…take off that fake Indian headdress….  the whole world knows now that a buffalo nickel has more Cherokee DNA than you….we do not have time for your showmanship at a time like this.…Tell whats her name, that Harris woman, to get George Sorros back on the phone….we need more than a bunch of little idiots holding an old white RINO hostage on an elevator. We need some “We Love Brett Kavanaugh” signs. You all need to quit acting like you are worried about female rights and get with the program here. These people who are about to invade our southern border are not future Democrats and Socialists. They do not look like people who will work for slave wages……..Chuck, you need to call Trump and apologize for something… anything…just apologize. We all need to be quickly Walking Back our past comments and insults, with haste “….like Michael Jackson moon-walking on steroids….” and tell Mitch McConnell that we will work through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in order to get the wall approved. Tell him we think our illegal immigrants from Mexico should build it….PRONTO. All of you need to send Susan Collins some flowers and letters of apology. Order lots of MAGA hats and every Kayne West CD that is available. Call Sixty Minutes…..tell them we were wrong about that Trump Derangement Syndrome. Snap to it people…we got no time to waste here.”


“The way I figure it….our new, beautiful, tall……WALL will be completed, by Mexicans, before The Big Apple drops in New York City on New Years’ Day….2020. One more campaign promise fulfilled by my President, Donald Trump.”

-Sheila Tolley-

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