Here is how the Democrats have celebrated.


The Editor:   What is happening, LL ?

Be Bop Cat:   Things are popping like the Fourth of July.  First on the list, Trump asked The Attorney General to resign.

Here is the Don telling Jeff that he isn’t a war time A.G.

CNN is still a vipers nest of Communist

Personally, I think Jim Acosta is a spoiled brat and bully,  like  the kid who screams and pouts trying to get his way.  I would have pulled his White House pass a year ago.  He is rude, crude, has no class or manners, and is a good fit for CNN.  

TE:  What about the elections, BBC ?

There are too many recounts going on to give an accurate update, check your local papers/news.

3 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—-D. C. IS HOPPING

  1. If I were these news people I would consider this action a threat against me and my family and take appropriate defensive definitive action as I was calling 911.

    • I ABSOLUTELY agree with you. The Soros’s and such…of the world can pay fines for these troublemakers….but they cannot serve time for them. These people need to be tracked down, arrested and sentenced to BIG time in jail. BIG TIME….

      • Dana, last night before Tucker Carlson signed off, he announced that he would be gone today. That is before he knew IDIOTS would be surrounding his house. A short while ago, on The Five….they announced that Tucker does plan on calling in tonight on his show.

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