Imagine That………

(This is a RE-POST…..but trust me, my friend….nothing has changed in the drug-filled world of our children.)

If you are over sixty years old, and grew up in an UN-RICH neighborhood, you will remember this….of which I write. If you are under fifty, please don’t even read it. Do you remember when your brother or the neighborhood kids would find a stick in the yard and it would become the basis for games? Yep, that is all it took. A little limb falls from a tree and it is Game Time in the country. They would lay the old stick on the ground and toss rocks at it to see whose rock would land closest to the stick. The person who tossed their rock closest to the stick was the winner. He did not win anything…..but he was the winner! There was no such thing as Participation Trophies in those days. How stupid is that anyway….(“And now all you losers step forward to get your trophy!”) A little later in the day, the sticks would often become guns in an UN-RICH rendition of Playing Cowboys and Indians. Hold on…don’t toss that stick away too soon! I may want to use it as my little pony later this afternoon as I gallop into the sunset. Happy Trails to you….until we meet again.

I am afraid the imaginations and the creativity are gone forever from our children. You see, we have invented a new phenomenon called “ADHD and Bi-Polarism.” If your children are misbehaving and you feel their issues are negatively impacting your daily life, it could be a sign of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a disorder that makes it difficult for a person to pay attention and control impulsive behaviors.” It is a new disease that has become a catch-all for all misbehavior. If you get in fights, it is not your fault…you have ADHD. If you steal from others to buy your drugs, chill out Honey…we understand that you have ADHD. The amazing fact is ……there is no test that a doctor uses to confirm this new phenomenal disease. BUT…BOY DO WE HAVE some good news for you. We do have PILLS for this disease that we have magically created.

Actually, there are choices. If you prefer that your child get addicted to an Amphetamine based drug, ask your doctor for Adderall. If a Methylphenidate is your drug of choice for your child, tell your doctor that you prefer Ritalin. Do not hesitate for a moment before asking for these drugs. Ask not what you can do for your children…ask what BIG PHARMA can do for you.

I will never forget one day in grammar school…my best friend, Rhoda Dunn, and I were swinging another student in the air at recess. I had his hands and she had his feet. He would not quit aggravating us…so we double-teamed him. Everything was going fine…swish up, swish down… until the Principal of our school came around the corner. She startled us and we dropped the little aggravating nuisance.

Oh yes, I remember….Our Grammar School Principal, Mrs. George F. Bates….beat the ADHD out of, my best friend, Rhoda and me that day.

Did you ever catch yourself staring out the window at school because you were so bored in the classroom? Your kid will not get by with that today. They will diagnose him with ADHD or being Bi-Polar….. and pop him full of pills quicker than he can say….

…..I was looking at that stick in the yard.


Written By: Sheila Tolley



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