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I have posted the link at the bottom of this post and several other links with facts through the years. With each new mass shooting in our country…..I post them again. I guess it is time to just start talking ugly.

Parents who allow their kids to take drugs to prevent them from the task of PARENTING, really do not give a FUCK. Parents actually take their GRAMMAR SCHOOL KIDS to doctors, hoping that they will be diagnosed as BI-POLAR so they can put them on drugs to make them into ZOMBIES.

I keep hoping that someone will comment back to prove me wrong…but it never happens. We can all talk about “we need less guns, we need more guns, we need more insane asylums, etc.”

We need parents to quit taking drugs while they are having babies and quit DOPING their children because they do not want to parent anymore.

I am sick of hearing this BI-POLAR bullshit. There is no test for it, I have asked doctors…lots of them. You want your kids on drugs…..just go to the doctor who put your neighbor’s kid on drugs. You can both have Zombies then.

I have a neighbor who wanted her child to settle down because he had too much energy. NO problem….the ole trusty Doc popped him right onto one of the BI-POLAR meds. One of the side effects was loss of appetite. The Mom liked that…she went back to the same doctor to get her some of the wonder drug to use as a diet pill.

The difference is ……her son’s brain is still developing and will continue developing (or not) until he is 25 years old.

Maybe the children of our BI-POLAR generations can star in a remake of Columbine.

You parents who wanted some little Zombies…well, you will get some little Frankensteins. The doctors who prescribe the meds and the parents who allow them….. should ALL be incarcerated.




3 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…..

    • Hi Dana..I do not think excess energy is the problem with the children nowadays. I think it is the failure to burn energy that we all have as children. It is hard to burn energy by using cell phones and playing video games all day. We may see thumb transplants in the future for the new-age electronic kids….because theirs will certainly wear out.

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