On My Soapbox …….Wait……..I must have a right, right?

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Maybe I have lost my mind…or maybe our society has lost theirs? Perhaps, I have just lived too long. After all….I am sixty-seven years old.

I simply cannot understand some events that happen in my new and improved world. College students are going to extreme measures to find safe spaces in which to hide, yet they promote the entry of caravans of  illegal, un-vetted  immigrants into my country.

When I was a kid, it was not so long ago, I did not dress in animal skins. I did not like taking medicine. Did you? There was no possibility that I would choose to take medicine. Then a few decades go by….and some genius decides to make medicine in tasty and enticing flavors. Read the ads at any pharmacy window: Which flavor would you like for your child’s medicine? Banana, Bubble Gum, Strawberry….and the list goes on. Can anyone explain why medicine should taste good?

Butter. How and why would anyone mess with butter? They have a brand that is called “I Cannot Believe It Is Not Butter.” As I stood laughing at the dairy counter, a young employee was close by….I simply asked, “What is this?” I was holding a box of the mystery stuff at the time. Please trust me here….by the time our conversation was finished, neither of us could  contain our laughter. He asked his Team Leader, his Team Leader asked his supervisor, and so on….until the Manager was there laughing with us. We finally agreed it was a “Spread.” Please check this Magic Blend out when you visit the grocery store again. Ask management about it…they will love you!

A day doesn’t pass on the evening news that my privacy rights are not mentioned. It may be about the invasion of Google, it may be about Facebook…but someone or some company is trying to invade my privacy.

When I open my medicine cabinet in the morning, Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy, wants to carry on an extended conversation about how I slept the previous night. Why is he in my medicine cabinet? Close by, there is a a family of Charmin Bears doing evaluations on my choice of toilet tissue.

When I manage to escape from my bathroom, William Devane wants to know what is in my safe and Capital One wants to know what is in my wallet.

Now, like the silly college students, I am looking for a safe space in my own house.


You come on back now…..you hear?

-Sheila Tolley-


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