Archive | December 4, 2018

I LOVE the few Constants in life……

Happy Birthday
We are all 2018 today.
Today the whole world is the same age.
Today is a very special day.
It happens only once every 1,000 years
Your age + your year of birth = 2018.
This is true for everyone.
It is strange and inexplicable.   Try it and see
It will not happen again for another 1,000 years.
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The Editor:  Is there new news for dogs, LL ?

Answer Cat:  There sure is, here are two links.  Don’t buy any dog or human food from China.

TE:  What is really going on in France ?

The riots are about a tax on fuel, a carbon tax to stop global warming.  The gas price will be over $ 7.00 a gallon.  You can’t afford snails, and petrol.

TE:  Is there any good news from North America, AC ?

The Mexicans don’t like the caravan people if they have to pay for room, board, health, and everything else.

FedEx  has a patriot.

The Supremes say that you actually need a physical frog to deny property rights to an American Citizen.  The non-existent frogs ain’t got no home.