Archive | December 9, 2018



Kamala, can we trust you to pay back the tax payers $ 400,000 payment for sexual abuse for your buddy ?


The Editor:  Who do you trust, LL ?

Misanthropist Cat:   I trust one person out of a BILLION, that’s seven in the world.  The rest are stupid, careless, uninformed, or will kill you for nothing.  Here is an example,  it is simple-just buckle this guy up.

Here is another reason to not trust anyone that you don’t know.  Here is a flying death trap that the manufacturer says is safe, that two previous crews managed to land after the same problem.  Boeing says read the manual, the pilots say the recovery procedure isn’t in the manual.  Does anyone test new electronic parts after they are installed ??????

This is one untrustworthy creep.  He is really a Democrat.  We don’t wish him any ill will, KARMA will take care of that.  Maybe he needs some gentle persuasion.