Archive | December 12, 2018




The Editor:   Do you know how the fame deal works, LL ?

Famous Cat:  I sure do.  Anyone/everyone can have 15 minutes of fame/notoriety.  It takes no talent, expertise, knowledge, or special skills–just like the qualifications of a United States Senator.  It is determined by the giant hand of fate.

The people who squeeze through the cracks of publicity like roaches in the night have the spotlight for a few lumens  and disappear, usually forever.  Examples are all of the Obama officials or other creeps taking pot shots at Trump or Kavanaugh.  Dr. Ford,  the porn star,  and her attorney are good examples.  Here is a midget from Hawaii who wants her turn.

No one knows why these people pop up.  Here is another one, there is no rhyme or reason.

Plants also like light for different reasons.