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The Editor:  What are exoskeletons, LL ?

Limber Cat:  They are living things with their skeleton on the outside.

The military are spending big bucks on developing exoskeletons that humans can use.  Here is a basic model.

As technology advances the exoskeleton will probably be used in many jobs, even airline situations, where the personnel feel threatened.

Here is a possible scenario.

TE:   What is the future for exoskeletons, LC ?

I Feel Like a Canary Cat:   The only way is up.  They will be good protection as society becomes more violent, did anyone expect a different result with the rich, politicians, and news media preaching hate, hate, hate ?

Keep your Russian Hands and Roman Fingers off my exoskeleton. 


  1. Good morning, Lois Lion….I wish to pre-order an exoskeleton. I feel that it may help me “get back from Walmart alive” after Nancy and Chuck’s Caravans of illegals weasel their way through our border.

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