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The Editor:  Are there a lot of disappointments, LL ?

2018 Cat:  There sure are.  The first one is a pretty sad.  The Indonesian government hasn’t repaired it early warning system since 2012.

The mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, USA uses skanky cheese in her Mac & Cheese.–politics/atlanta-mayor-bottoms-mac-and-cheese-becomes-the-talk-twitter/aFXOs603vcXNJidwL3w6LO/

Hershey is cheating their customers.

The Italians have lost their self respect, like American liberals ( San Frantrasho ).

Brazil has snipers to kill criminals.  Rio is a trash dump.

Japan wants to kill more whales, even though they have over 4,000 tones in the freezer.  Maybe they should use the money to stop radiation from killing the ocean at Fukushima.