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Wouldn’t this be a blessing.  Maybe the Israelis  won’t gouge patients like our companies.


The Editor:  Do you want forty acres and a mule, LL ?

Cliche Cat:  I want a chicken in every pot.  Here are two ( 2 ) real estate links about the Middle East.

Here are other real estate links.

This is a favorite.

IT SEEMS TO ME….Bringing your culture to the U.S.


Recently Tom Brokaw ruffled the feathers of the main stream media by opining that Hispanic immigrants need to better assimilate into US culture. If we could all set aside our political trappings and rationally consider the immigration issue, we’d see that he is absolutely correct.

What attracts immigrants to this country is not that there is something special about this particular part of the globe. It is the society and culture that has been created here. There is no reason that it could not have been created by others, but it was created primarily by Christian, Caucasian men of European origin. The Left now demonizes this class of people because they are imperfect. But I digress.

As the country they created matured the rest of the world took note, and it became a magnet for people seeking a life that was better than wherever they were. Until the latter part of the 20th century these immigrants wanted to join and emulate the American culture. They realized that whatever they were fleeing in their homelands was better left behind.

Today’s immigrants seem to want to bring their culture with them, but if it was worth having why come here? Why not stay in your homeland and work to make things better? Why come here and try to turn the US into the third world country you fled? Assimilation is essential to America’s future. California is rapidly becoming North Venezuela, but I think the rest of the country is still salvageable.




See for yourself—-walls make good neighbors.


The Editor:  Are you talking about shaving points to ” fix ” another game,  after cheating the Saints out of a Super Bowl, LL ?

Snake Eyes Cat:  No,  the NFL is a joke.  I’m talking about shaving whiskers.  Here are some shaving tips for men, let the women use Gillette.

TE:  How slimy is the NFL, SEC ?

This should be in their training films.

Here are some previous commercials.

Here are some previews for 2019.


The Editor:  What is the breaking news, LL ?

News Cat:  There is a bunch.  Officers were shot in Houston.

Check your local news for Polar Vortex information.  Cold weather.  Don’t forget your pets.

Fancy Nancy permits Trump an audience.  She is a skank.

Mueller may be finished.



Bill Maher always has been a creep.


The Editor:  Is that a question, LL ?

Grammar Cat:  No, it’s a statement.  How about the Republican majority Senate expedite some Judges nominated by Trump.  Use the rules like the communist, to our advantage.  Get these small ones out of the way.

Start acting like men instead of movie stars.

Do you recognize this drawing ?  It’s the mother/father of Liberal/Democratic/Progressive thinking.  Here is what inevitably happens when laws aren’t enforced, soon it will work its way up to the rich/political boot-lickers.

Before long NYC will be like Russia.