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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Circumpolar Star Trails
Image Credit & Copyright: Gabriel Funes

Explanation: As Earth spins on its axis, the stars appear to rotate around an observatory in this well-composed image from the Canary Island of Tenerife. Of course, the colorful concentric arcs traced out by the stars are really centered on the planet’s North Celestial Pole. Convenient for northern hemisphere astro-imagers and celestial navigators alike, bright star Polaris is near the pole and positioned in this scene to be behind the telescope dome. Made with a camera fixed to a tripod, the series of over 200 stacked digital exposures spanned about 4 hours. The observatory was not operating on that clear, dark night, but that’s not surprising. The dome houses the Teide Observatory’s large THEMIS Solar Telescope.

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Pelosi is and will always be a SKANK.  Trump can give The State Of The Union from the Senate or Oval Office.


The Editor:  That covers a lot of territory, LL.

Righteous Cat:  It sure does.  I want our loyal readers to understand one thing—they start small and work their way up.  Give an inch and they take a mile.  This is why the NRA fights every proposal against guns.  This Constitutional Ignorant Socialist wants to let non-citizens vote ( locally ) the next step is nationally.  I say stop all benefits to illegals.  This is definitely wrong and stupid.

These two need to be tried and pay 10 % of their earnings for thirty ( 30 ) years to their victims.  Wrong & Stupid.

Here is a stupid, every company in America is selling your data to the highest bidder, even the state license bureau.

Here are two Rights.

TE:  Is America in a bunch of trouble ?  RC

She sure is, she needs some leaders who are right.