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Failure doesn’t mean – “You are a failure,”

It means – You have not succeeded.


Failure doesn’t mean – “You accomplished nothing,”

It means – You have learned something.


Failure doesn’t mean – “You have been a fool,”

It means – You had a lot of faith.


Failure doesn’t mean – “You don’t have it,”

It means – You were willing to try.


Failure doesn’t mean – “You are inferior,”

It means – You are not perfect.


Failure doesn’t mean – “You’ve wasted your life,”

It means – You have a reason to start afresh.


Failure doesn’t mean – “You should give up,”

It means – “You must try harder.


Failure doesn’t mean – “You’ll never make it,”

It means – It will take a little longer.


Failure doesn’t mean – “God has abandoned you,”

It means – God has a better way for you.




Good ole NBC.


The Editor:  What is new and improved, LL ?

2019 Cat:  Not much.  Here is a quick look back at the future.

Here is that hit series from the Seventies.



No one is sure if this is Link’s son from the Mod Squad or the son of the Mayor of NYC.

Is this Woody Allen’s  or Frank Sinatra’s son ?…0.0..0.112.375.3j1……0….1..gws-wiz…..0..0i131.VbpzNoRk11I

Will the NFL go with diversity or most qualified ?



Dear Lois Lion:  In answer to your question, my opinion is that Ronan Farrow is the son of Frank Sinatra……not Woody Allen…..and I bet Ronan is very proud of that fact, every time he looks in the mirror.

-Sheila Tolley-

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