The Editor:  You aren’t covering much politics in 2019 LL, is there a problem ?

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Cat:  There won’t be much political ” real ” news for a while.  Mueller releasing his report,  or Trump backing down on the wall are the only major news stories involving politics.  What we need is a liberal Supreme Court vacancy to shake things up.

TE:  What about impeachment or the traitors in the House passing crazy bills, GMLoGMDC ?

I Only Regret That I Have But One Life To Give For MY Country Cat:   The  REPUBLICAN SENATE  won’t pass any major bills or vote for an impeachment conviction.

The R’s need to start converting our brown and black brothers and sisters to become practicing American patriots.  Maybe explain that if they continue to follow their old ways from the old country that they haven’t improved their lives.  Learn English, American History and other cultural norms.

I was trying to stay away from politics, but Hank Johnson has compared Trump to Hitler.  The Sphinx complimented Hank a few years ago of being uninformed–we were wrong.  He is stupid.  Some of this was used recently, but quality is always welcome.

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