The Consumer Electronic Show ( CES ) just opened in Vegas.

If Trump wants our wall tell the dems he will nominate Hill-gal to replace Ginsburg on the Supremes, and hope the R’s won’t approve her.


The Editor:  What is 5G, LL ?

Technology Cat:  5G is the fifth generation of cellular wireless.  If this article gets boring here is a game to play.

Here are some links to 5G articles.

TE:  Are all of the microwaves save, TC ?

Zzzzt, Zzzzt, Cat:  Just as safe as DDT, asbestos, cigarettes, RoundUp, Agent Orange, and other killers.

2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—–5 G

    • I agree with you, Bill. If Hillbeast can just practice up a little on walking upright while drinking her wine. LOL

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