Kellyanne takes on CNN Propagandist.


The Editor:  How is America’s status, LL ?

Critical Cat:  Not good, but first let me say this.  One result of the illegal Vietnam war was the innovation of the volunteer army.  The great benefit of this was that a corrupt U.S. government could stay at war in Afghanistan and Iraq for almost twenty years.  There are no demonstrations because only  1 of 1,000 families have soldiers involved.  These patriots have often served 4 tours of duty only to come home and be ignored by the Veterans Administration.  Maybe this is why the military is having trouble filling its needs.

For what it’s worth.,_Lord_Woodhouselee

Things sure are messy.  Every one makes their own laws ( sanctuary cities and states ).



  1. Way to go Kellyanne! You did put Jim Asosta in his place. Eventually an opening will be available at the institution and we can place him permanently. We need to get those strait jackets dusted off just in case.

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