How would Kamala manage thousands of employees ?


The Editor:  Before the new year gets too old could you tell our new readers about Cumberland, LL ?

Going Native Cat:  I sure can, here is a brief video of OUR SANCTUARY.

TE:  One of our loyal readers wants to know if you have title to the land ?

Peace Maker Cat:  We sure do.  Here is a brief video of how Amigo acquired the rights.  Every country in the world was created by violence and power.

TE:  Another loyal reader wants to know how you keep the corrupt American Government from taking the island back, PMC ?

Nuclear Cat:  We fished a nuclear bomb out of the ocean, a few miles from Savannah, Georgia, USA.  Amigo said they were abandoned all over the world if recovery was difficult.  Almost like looking for Easter Eggs and Hill-hog saying ” get those fu***** retard children out of here “.

TE:  That is amazing, can you give any hints on making an H-Bomb to some tin horn dictators who don’t have a lot of money ?

NC:  I sure can, just follow these directions.

TE:  We are almost out of pixels, NC, could you finish your Cumberland article later ?

I sure can, I will be working on Part 2.  Here is our anthem.

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