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Pelosi is and will always be a SKANK.  Trump can give The State Of The Union from the Senate or Oval Office.


The Editor:  That covers a lot of territory, LL.

Righteous Cat:  It sure does.  I want our loyal readers to understand one thing—they start small and work their way up.  Give an inch and they take a mile.  This is why the NRA fights every proposal against guns.  This Constitutional Ignorant Socialist wants to let non-citizens vote ( locally ) the next step is nationally.  I say stop all benefits to illegals.  This is definitely wrong and stupid.

These two need to be tried and pay 10 % of their earnings for thirty ( 30 ) years to their victims.  Wrong & Stupid.

Here is a stupid, every company in America is selling your data to the highest bidder, even the state license bureau.

Here are two Rights.

TE:  Is America in a bunch of trouble ?  RC

She sure is, she needs some leaders who are right.