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In the 1930’s the woodshed existed at home as did corporal punishment in schools…..

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The lack of discipline in our schools is indicative of a general lassitude that much of society has fallen into. The “dumbing down” of Americans is at least in some part, deliberate and in some part due to simple laziness.

“Dumbed down” people are easier to control, manipulate and make dependent. I’ll leave it up to readers to determine who benefits from that.

Dumbed down” people are also responsible for their station in life as it is easier to remain uneducated than to be educated. To be educated requires work, effort, drive and ambition. Remaining uneducated requires none of this. Relying on “spell check” and “grammar check” is easier than learning proper spelling and grammar. Relying on a calculator is easier than learning simple arithmetic functions. Promoting students who have not mastered their grade level skills to higher grades is easier than holding them back until they have mastered required skills. It’s easier to blame schools and teachers for students’ failures to learn than it is to blame students who refuse to make any effort to learn, or parents who refuse to take any responsibility for their child’s refusal to make an effort to learn. No politician is going to blame a tax payer for a child’s disinterest in school subjects or inattention, when it’s easier to blame the school system. It’s easier to lower standards and expect less from students than to maintain standards and expect more.

In most public schools today 60% is a passing score on a test. 60% ! This is pathetic, worse it’s dangerous. How would you like to be on an airplane where the pilot passed his pilot’s license with a score of 60%? How would you like to be operated on by a surgeon who passed his medical license test with a grade of 60%? Should such licenses to be handed out like “participation trophies” because we don’t want applicants to have a “negative self image”? Are we that desperate for “equal outcomes” regardless of performance and ability?


All too often, that answer is yes, because it’s EASIER.





The Editor:  Is this all for Fancy Nancy, LL ?

Trailways Cat:  It sure is,  unless bigger news develops.  What made the Bus Incident funnier was Adam Schiff was also thrown off.  Here he is making a movie while on recess.  He is in the hoodie.

Fancy Nancy isn’t new to stealing tax money.  Her first term as Speaker was unarmed robbery.  Check out the LIQUOR BRAND NAMES.

Here are some largely unseen items.  Read the comments  from Jason Donner.

Her House Concierge forgot to pick up her luggage.

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