The Editor:  Can you answer some questions, LL ?

Answer Cat:  I sure can.

TE:  Our first question is from Benjamin Franklin’s ghost.   Why can’t the government balance a budget ?

AC:   Thanks for the question.  I can address my annual report on the national debt.  The  Federal Government is the most corrupt government in the world.  I can’t spend all day on this, but since War Criminals Bush 41,   Bush 43,  and Obama the national debt has risen so high that it will never, never, ever be repaid.  Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan were/are created by lies from LBJ and both  War Criminal Bushes.

The national debt is so large that we paid 390 BILLION dollars last year in interest.  In ten years it will be almost a TRILLION in interest,  if the USA is still in business.

Our infrastructure is like a third world country.…0.0..0.200.1662.9j5j1……0….1..gws-wiz…..0..0i131j0i10.GUVC82qIm10

Here is why the Socialist/Progressive/Democrats will fail.  Our national debt is THREE TIMES AS LARGE AS ALL OF THE GOLD EVER MINED IN THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION.  IT, AGAIN, WILL NEVER BE REPAID.  Our national debt follows the gold article.

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