Americans should tell the hospitals and doctors to keep the kids and raise them.    I,  for sure,  wouldn’t pay any bills that I didn’t approve and have a copy of.


The Editor:  Can you explain the Rams-Saints scandal, LL ?

The NFL Is Crooked Cat:  I sure can.  View the following links and see if the Rams player hit is helmet to helmet and if he hits the Saints player before the ball gets there.

The NFL has more cameras at football games that Congresspeople have hidden in bathrooms.  The NFL says that judgement calls aren’t reviewable.  They make the rules and believe that Americans will be satisfied with bribed and crooked games.

The only people that can assure honest games are the professional gamblers and casinos.   They aren’t going to put up with this obvious fraud.   Here are some betting opportunities, if you can find one the NFL can’t fix.

Who are you going to believe the seven ( 7 ) officials or your lying eyes ?



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