On My Soapbox….How’s it going, Governor Northam?


We have all suffered some bad days in our life. Bad days are bad enough, but bad weeks are terrible.

The Democrat Governor from Virginia, Ralph Northam, had a less than celebratory week. It started when Democrats tried to push a bill that would’ve permitted abortions up until the moment of birth. The ghastly bill was rejected. Northam, a medical doctor, participated in a radio interview in which he detailed how the bill would have permitted the murder of babies. This placed the Democrats’ abortion extremism on full display. He responded to the blow back by saying he does not regret his remarks about the legislation.

Northam’s week gets worse. A 1984 yearbook photo from Eastern Virginia Medical School was released. It features two men, one in Blackface and one in a Ku Klux Klan robe. The yearbook photo has been verified. Northam has admitted that he is one of the men in the photo. MSM insists on knowing which costume Northam was wearing. Does that answer really matter? It is like asking a man on death row, “For your last meal, do you prefer liver or liver?”

Typical Democrat reaction….”Why didn’t Ed Gillespie and the GOP find and expose this photo during the 2017 gubernatorial election?” It would be expecting too much to think they may have asked…”Why were you wearing this hideous racist costume, Governor Northam?” Some of the Democrats do agree that Governor Northam “needs to go, but just not right now.” You are kidding me, right?

The next step by CNN, the facts first network, decided to just label Democrat Ralph Northam as a Republican in a video the governor’s office issued.

No thanks, CNN. Republicans are finally rid of Jeff Flake and are not seeking a replacement.

Wow! What an awful week for Governor Northam.

“But, other than that….Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?”



One thought on “On My Soapbox….How’s it going, Governor Northam?

  1. Thanks, Linda….I too love Drama. Those are my favorite selections on Netflix. I will take all the Gold comments I can get. I will store them in our empty Fort Knox vault.

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