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Mint Julep and a Hot Dog, Please!!

The time is drawing closer for that phenomenal annual gathering in which speed and determination are so important. Bets are being made all over America. So much alcohol is being consumed, that Rum Runner Joseph Kennedy would have a hard time keeping the supply aligned with the demand. It is that event in which the winner can change places in the last moments. (OOPS, I am sorry, I was thinking of The Kentucky Derby.) I love to watch The Kentucky Derby.

Image result for mint julep from kentucky derby

But I am supposed to be writing about The Superbowl. What a downer. I was feeling good there for a minute. The boss tells me I must write about The Superbowl, so that is what I must do. I think I shall go and fix me a strong alcoholic drink.

Ho, Hum…..I am back. I will sip slowly on my Crown Royal so writing this post becomes more tolerable. (GULP, GULP…)

Let me set the stage….the game is being played in Atlanta, Georgia. (GULP, GULP…) It is a beautiful stadium. In the game today, the… I think I shallgo and fix me strongaholic drink.

I am back. (GULP, GULP…)

As I was sayin…out of gate number 1, we have Deflate-Gate being ridden by jockey, Shady Brady. Shady has been around a long time and already has 5, or some number like that, Gold Plated Horseshoes to prove it.

Out of gate number 2, we have No-Call being ridden by jockey, Damn Ram. (DR did ask me to say a special thank you to “The Blind Referee” what ever that means.)

It seems like my bottle of Royal Crown is dwindling away….so I am about to sign off here and go to guard it.

Oh, I forgot. Atlanta did agree to allow the referees to use their seeing-eye dogs and white canes in the game tonight.

I am sick of all these news commentators asking me who I want to win this super derby tonight….”Once and for all…I refuse to pick a favorite in this game tonight between Shady Brady and the team who is there due to the no-call from a blind CROOKED referee…..”

“to pick a favorite here…would be like trying to pick up a dog turd by the clean end.”

bye now-(GULP,GULP…) Go Secretariat!

Sheila Tolley




Here is how honest Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are, lying, cheating, and stealing from kids and their parents.  He should run for Senator as a Democrat or Republican.


The Editor:  Who is keeping track of us, LL ?

Secret Agent Cat:  All of the usual suspects, Microsoft,  Google,  Amazon, CIA, FBI, CNN, NSA, and the other electronic data miners.

They know everything you do, when, where, and at what time.

Here is their secret logo.

This is a fool.

The chicken crossed the road to deliver drugs.

You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant.