Archive | February 4, 2019

Pop A Cork And Let’s Celebrate……


I apologize for my neglect in reporting the highlights of  Sunday’s Superbowl LIII. I will never forgive myself. The highlights are listed below:

1. Gostkowski delivered the first MISSED Field Goal in the NFL history of Atlants’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

2. Hekker made a record-breaking punt of 65 yards, 27 of which came after the bounce.

3. The Patriots made a touchdown.

-Sheila Tolley-






I wonder if Dianne Feinstein, Chameleon Harris, and Spartacus, are still worried about the high school year book of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh ?


The Editor:  Why should our loyal readers support Schultz until the general election , LL?

Political Cat:  He will split the Democratic vote, and make it easier for Trump.  He might win if he ran as a moderate Democrat.  The other dems are either communist or stupid.

How about this.

This is a stupid idea, what could go wrong ?

The dems don’t like God or religion, unless it is religious hijabs.

Durbin is tired of Hillgal and ole Bill.  He doesn’t want them back in the halls of power.  Just go away and shut up.