Today is the year of the pig in China.


The Sphinx:   What is your title about, LL ?

Creepy Cat:  Who cares if the Governor of Virginia is for Butchers makes bad photos.  Here are some of the announced Democratic candidates for President,  and a few everyday haters tossed in.

Hillgal—we know she was born to lie, cheat, or steal to keep power.

Dianne Feinstein—we remember her for trying to destroy an innocent man.  She also had a Chinese spy working for her for 16 ( sixteen ) years, he was fired.

Fancy Nancy– got rich from the taxpayers, and is a bottom feeder.

Andrew Gillum—he is a rising star for the dems.

Ilhan Omar—she is another rising Democratic star.  A Muslim from Minnesota, she loves Socialist and hates Jews and Israel.

Tulsi Gabbard might have potential.

Here are some announced candidates.

Chameleon Harris–I remember her from the Kavanaugh hearings.

Spartacus—he was smearing Kavanaugh’s character along with Feinstein and Chameleon.

Fauxahontas–she finally apologized.

Kirsten Gillibrand is also entered.

Joe Biden is always running.  The second link is to his son’s influence peddling and collusion.

All but two of these could dance around any truth, brown bag wampum, and any wigwam.

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