IT SEEMS TO ME….The stupid tax




I just read an article about a bear that was discovered in September 2018 eating the body of a 30 year old man in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. Within a few days of this discovery, and long before an autopsy was performed on this unfortunate man, the bear was killed (the article uses the term euthanized, but I prefer to call a spade a spade).

Here it is about 3-4 months later and the authorities have just released the results of the autopsy. Apparently our involuntary bear feeder actually died from an overdose of methamphetamine. He paid the stupid tax. While this is a tragedy, especially for the bear, I have very little sympathy for people who experiment with mind-altering pharmaceuticals, and shorten their lives in the process.

The article indicates the dead guy had a long history of drug use. Drug paraphernalia was found near his carcass. He was believed to have been illegally harvesting ginseng in the park. Undoubtedly some folks will miss this guy, but I think we’re better off without him.

I’m aware of the carnage that remains after the untimely demise of people like this, and I sympathize with those who are left suffering, but life is tough, and it’s a lot tougher if you make bad decisions and do stupid things. Getting involved with illegal drugs is stupid. When you do stupid things you have to pay the stupid tax.


“Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.” — Benjamin Franklin


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