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Do you remember the old billfolds from years ago that had about a two foot drop down of plastic encased pictures? People would show you photos that you did not really want to see? You felt compelled to brag on the pictures, even if their grand kids were ugly? These old photo strips have been replaced by galleries in cell phones and millions of Facebook entries. I hope you will get a beer, R C Cola, coffee, a joint, some drugs, etc……whatever floats your boat,  and take time to open and read the link at the end of this post.  If you take time to do this…and you have just one single, active brain cell left in your head, you will:

1. Disconnect that Magical RING doorbell which wonderful commercials have shoved down your throat.

2. Wrap Alexa in heavy duty aluminum foil and bury her on your neighbor’s property until you are ready to listen to music.

3. Quit using Facebook. Exactly how many times does Zuckerberg need to be called before congress for selling “perceived as private” information before people wise up?

I hope you will take a moment and talk to your children and grandchildren. I admit, it will do ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD to talk to them. But just maybe, after you are long in Heaven, and they are elected as Governor of Virginia….. you can watch them as they say…”I sure wish I had listened when Grandma/Grandpa warned me about Satanic Social Media.”

No matter who you are, as you read this post, you are absolutely already in the Big Billfold Portfolio of Facebook, Amazon and Google. You can never get your conversations and pictures back. NEVER! They are no longer yours. Your life belongs to FAG. (Facebook, Amazon, Google)

I am quite stupid to continue writing about the FAG monster.  99% of the world is already addicted to FAG……and they will continue to feed the monster… they cling to an eternal hope that it will eat them last.

In fact, if you find one of those little bottled magical genies that lay around the beaches, be very careful. When you rub that bottle and the Genie, pops out……Don’t dare wish to expose the actions of the FAG God. Don’t wish for your private pictures and conversations back. FAG will come for you. At minimum, you will be forced to leave the United States. You can seek refuge in some other country, at least until the Beast finishes eating America.

By the way…..has anyone seen Edward Snowden?




Jeff gets his turn.  This isn’t as bad as the lies and smut he publishes in the Washington Post.           KARMA


The Editor:  Is this about politics, LL ?

Eye Of Newt And Wing Of Bat Cat:  No, but I did see where the Virginia governor might poison new born babies.  They are changing the state motto from ” Virginia is for lovers ”  to  ” Virginia is for butchers “.  Those Democrats, what’s not to like and vote for.  Pretty soon kids will be yanked out of Pre-K and killed.

Here is some poison.

Here is a curse.