IT SEEMS TO ME….Believing the unbelievable



Our society has become increasingly polarized. Liberals and conservatives seem to be unable to agree an anything. Of course a large portion of this disagreement is probably due to the Left’s hatred for President Trump, but I think a lot of the fundamental differences between liberals and conservatives has little or no rational basis. On most issues liberals base their position on emotion, while conservatives typically take a more pragmatic approach. In philosophical debates the conservatives try to present persuasive arguments while the liberals counter with emotional appeals and ad hominem attacks, and at the end of the day no one is persuaded.

The liberals remind me of the Flat Earth Society (FES) folks. Outside of the FES no one takes their ideas seriously, but most of the FES people actually believe their kooky theory. They are unwilling to accept all the evidence which conclusively proves the earth is a sphere and propose bizarre explanations to try to defend their position. They are so invested in their position, regardless of how untenable it may be, that they refuse to abandon it, and do whatever they find necessary to prop it up. (There are many other people who believe a wide variety of things that have no rational basis, but you get my point.)

This seems to be what the democrats are doing with the border wall issue, and many others. They claim that walls don’t work, and that walls are immoral. Obviously this is nonsense. Walls have been built around cities for thousands of years. They also surround the estates of the liberal celebrities and politicians who now oppose them. Imagine a prison without walls or your home without a lock on the front door; it’s ludicrous.

As for the suggestion that walls are immoral, well that’s ridiculous. The democrats may realize their arguments are specious, but they stick to their guns anyway. They’re too invested in their position to abandon it, so they do whatever they have to, to prop it up,  like the flat earthers, knowing the main stream news media will support them. They actually believe the unbelievable.


“Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.” — Benjamin Franklin


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