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FYI…”Sure, there is an exceedingly small, minuscule, possibility that Trump will not be president in 2020, but it is for damn sure that Elizabeth Warren will not be a Native American.” -Sheila Tolley-

FYI….”They can call it red flag, they can call it blue flag, they can call it checkered flag. They can call it any freaking thing they want to call it…..or they can call it what it is…. it is our government’s first foot shoved into our door which will lead to Gun Confiscation in America. You can write that down in INK!” -Sheila Tolley-


People aren’t always who they seem to be – Part One-



Today I saw a news item about Bill Cosby being moved to the general population area of the Pennsylvania prison where he is being incarcerated for sexual misconduct, and I was reminded how I used to admire Mr. Cosby.

I first became aware of him when he starred with Robert Culp in the TV show “I Spy” which was broadcast from 1965 to 1968. And he was a very funny comedian who eschewed the raunchy material that many other comics included in their acts back then.

As time passed he starred in other TV programs, always appearing as a great family man and respected figure. Occasionally I would hear that he was quoted making political statements with which I agreed which further enhanced his reputation in my mind. For a long time he was the highest paid entertainer in the U. S. He was a noted philanthropist. To my mind he was a good guy.

Then a few accusations of sexual misconduct surfaced. I was skeptical. I didn’t want to believe that this man, who I had admired for so long, was a sexual predator. Then there were more accusations, and finally a trial, and conviction. My long-time hero had fallen due to his own misconduct. How could anyone drug women and then sexually assault them while they’re incapacitated?

I had really misjudged the man. Another portion of my belief in the basic goodness of people disintegrated. It is a great disappointment to discover that you’ve been deceived. People are not always who they appear to be.

(Part Two of  “People aren’t always who they seem to be” by Bill Bowser, will be posted this afternoon at 3:00,  as always, it promises much reading enjoyment!)

-Sheila Tolley-



Trump might have a start on our wall.    Maybe.

Fauxhontas should be careful of her wishes, Michael Pence is really religious.  He might nominate Franklin Graham to the Supreme Court.


The Editor:  Do we have privacy anymore, LL ?  ( This road-gang scene is a repeat for our new readers. )

Here are The Grammys and Westminster Dog Show.  I wonder which has more witches.

Negative Cat:   No.   The rich/political people have been immune until recently.   Now is their turn to feel the pleasure.

The good thing about Jeff Bezos’ newspaper, The Washington Post, is their motto  ”  Democracy dies in darkness “.

I have often wondered why companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and many more are not prosecuted as monopolies.  I thought it was just the money.  They probably all are in bed with our sixteen ( 16 ) spy agencies like Amazon.  It is a fourth branch of government.