Trump might have a start on our wall.    Maybe.

Fauxhontas should be careful of her wishes, Michael Pence is really religious.  He might nominate Franklin Graham to the Supreme Court.


The Editor:  Do we have privacy anymore, LL ?  ( This road-gang scene is a repeat for our new readers. )

Here are The Grammys and Westminster Dog Show.  I wonder which has more witches.

Negative Cat:   No.   The rich/political people have been immune until recently.   Now is their turn to feel the pleasure.

The good thing about Jeff Bezos’ newspaper, The Washington Post, is their motto  ”  Democracy dies in darkness “.

I have often wondered why companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and many more are not prosecuted as monopolies.  I thought it was just the money.  They probably all are in bed with our sixteen ( 16 ) spy agencies like Amazon.  It is a fourth branch of government.

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