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FYI…”I have never, and will never, understand why any American would not support a wall to defend my country against invasion. It makes ZERO sense. We have a naturalization process that invites legal, vetted immigration…..all else is ILLEGAL. Are any of you idiot democrats capable of looking up the word ILLEGAL for IDIOT Pelosi?” -Sheila Tolley-

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…..This advance notice may keep many men out of trouble. Personally, I do not take Valentine’s Day too seriously…..but I understand that tradition forces many to comply with Cupid. To be on the safe side, the Valentines shown below are not good for your significant others. Your insignificant others? That is a different story. -Sheila Tolley-

(I have never understood why the ever-so-overused-poem states that Violets are blue. Violets are violet. Bluebells are blue, the sky is blue, the ocean is blue, etc.)

– Sheila Tolley-

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The Editor:  What are our loyal readers watching, LL ?

Minnesota Cat:  They are watching Ms. Omar spread her hate for Jews.  She must have brought it with her from Somalia.  Jewish Democrats have spoken out on her Reverend Wright and Louis Farrakhan like  comments, but the other National Democrats are silent.

Here is an update.

This is the Senator, also from Minnesota, that The Sphinx reported on being too mean and nasty to keep her employees.

Here is a different view on immigration than the MSM prints every other day.  This only mentions legals.

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