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Pardon me, Please….I have been politely notified that I have failed to notify my friends, constituents, fellow smart people, etc. ….of my email address…here it is my pals……HIT ME UP…Send me your funny DEMOCRAT JOKES…I will never divulge your identity …

FYI…”Georgia Lawmakers, like all others, are TAX TICKS. They simply cannot get enough of our money. I think all elected officials should pay a “Privilege Tax.” They have the privilege of being elected and they damn well should pay us for that honor. The last two sentences of the post in the following link are very interesting….I have displayed them below in bright green, for your reading pleasure. That is what a loop-hole looks like”….-Sheila Tolley-

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This is Jay Powell’s e-mail address in case you would like to instruct him to stay out of your wallet!

As such, there isn’t a guarantee this would actually be used to increase internet access in rural Georgia. The state is not able to put funding toward a specific issue without changing its Constitution.

Received from a Navy buddy who is in hiding!

Let me tell you that one simple spelling mistake — even a typo — can make your life a living hell.

I recently texted a short, romantic note to my wife while I was away on a fishing trip, and I missed one small “e.”

No problem you might say. Not so. This tiny error has caused me to seek Police protection to enter my own house.

I wrote, “Hi darling, I’m enjoying and experiencing the best time of my whole life, and I wish you were her.





The Editor:   Is Valentine’s  Day here already, LL ?

Cherub Cat:   It sure is, the Democrats in Virginia want to start sacrificing babies, like in ancient times.  Here is a little history.