Archive | February 21, 2019




The Editor:  Can you answer some questions. LL ?

Answer Cat:  I sure can.

CNN readers want to know why some of your information is a couple of days old ?

AC:  Too many stories are taken from the ” social media ”  smart phones  and other electronic devices.  They are often one-sided and show a limited view of the subject.  The MSM takes the video of a few seconds of action as fact.  They don’t verify the accuracy.  Here is a good example.  I hope this kid wins.

Sometimes it takes time to sort through the basic facts.  Here is another example.

A bunch of public figures make comments on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and later the truth comes out.  People like Nancy Pelosi take down their comment with no explanation, after the fake firestorm has passed. 

Who do you trust, AC ?

Almost no one in the news business,  politics,  late night comedians, or Hollywood.