Jussie Smollett seems to be the worst kind of bigot


Although the mainstream news media is starting to bury the story, probably all of you have already heard the story of how this gay, black, male TV star had a couple of guys stage a fake attack on him which was supposed to be blamed on right wing, racist, homophobic, Trump supporters. Isn’t it interesting how the news media turns away from stories when they cease it fit their Leftwing agenda?

The ensuing Chicago police investigation revealed it was not the hate crime it was supposed to resemble, but an attempt to smear conservatives and especially Trump supporters by Smollett and two accomplices. It certainly was a hate crime, but not against Smollett, who has been arrested for disorderly conduct, and has been released on $100,000 bail.

This type of behavior is not new to the Left. They have to stage these sorts of “attacks” to confirm their contention that conservatives are evil, because there are so few actual attacks motivated by racism or homophobia. In the mean time violent leftist activists attack or shout down conservative speakers, and riot causing significant property damage, but you don’t often hear about them being jailed for their misbehavior.

These Leftists think that all conservatives are racist, homophobic, misogynistic bigots, but they don’t seem to be able to find very many of them that are, so they have to manufacture fake attacks, as well as fake news, to justify their untenable socialist/communist agenda.

The federal government should step in and prosecute Smollett for his hate crime. This nitwit belongs in prison for a long time.



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