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The Editor:  Is there news,  now that Trump is innocent, LL ?

Reporter Cat:   There sure is, more than you can imagine.  The West has plenty of water.

This captain must work for Boeing.

Florida has poison frogs to go with other imported threats, Boa Constrictors,  parrots,  monkeys, and democrats.

Here is an endangered parrot.

Maybe the R’s are going to do a few of their own investigations.

This is the general attitude of the lying DemocRATS.  Ivan, I mean Trump broke up their party.  They have been crying since 2016.




The Editor:  What are your lists about, LL ?

Top Ten Cat:  Almost everything, the first is a helpful list.

This is about the Colleges & Universities with big bucks.

Here is some info about the AKC ( American Kennel Club ).

These are want-to-be dogs.

This is a list of current slang.



This is the future of American Law.  First we were given the sanctuary states and cities.


The Editor:  What will the sleazy news media and DemocRATS  do now, LL ?

Mobster Cat:  They will continue to investigate.  The bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts on the Democratic Committee are going to keep making news,  The  22 months, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, 19 lawyers, and  between 31-35 million dollars spent didn’t find jack.

TE:  Who can the committee get to be sure and get the planned results they want, MC ?

They have hired Geraldo Rivera, a noted journalist from somewhere, and these old SNL comedians

What them and the R’s could do is pass some meaningful drug regulations, or let consumers sue the companies.

Wikipedia officially joins the Democrats, Facebook, and Google as being untrustworthy/crooked.

They are no good.

Covered Bridge of the Day

This is the Waldo, or Riddle Mill, covered bridge south of the town of Waldo, Talladega County, Alabama. It is 115 ft. long and was built about 1858. It was in use until 1960 when it was condemned by the state and its approach spans were removed. A park was created at one end of the bridge and plans were made to restore the bridge, but the bridge has been neglected for almost 60 years. It is one of eight antique wooden covered bridges in Alabama.






The Editor:  What is ” what happened ” about, LL ?

Cause Cat:   What happened to Boeing, they had almost no communication with the companies that bought their 737 Max  8.  It is as if they read the papers and said “mediocrity is something we will strive for. ”   For the cost of planes they sold they could have had all the pilots use their flight simulator for free.

What happened to AOC ?  She isn’t paying her taxes.

What happened to your insurance cost ?  Maybe they are getting information from what you post online.

What happened to Bush 43, Obama, and Hill-gal’s mess they created then left with the ISIS killers ?  Trump and the Ruskies cleaned up the mess they left behind.

They are a pitiful bunch.



You have to remember Chicago is Obama’s hometown.  This is the rich and famous justice system.


The Editor:  Is this like The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, LL ?

Dope Cat:  It sure is.  A  lot of this is a refresher,  which our new readers can use.  The first link is about  how drugs are scheduled or classified.

Marijuana is a schedule one drug.  It is and has been classified like this for political reasons.  It should be a schedule five.  It is probably the least harmful drug in America.  Even Koala Bears smoke it.

Here are two other links to drug articles.

TE:  Does The Sphinx approve of these drugs, DC ?

The only opinion we have is that all drugs should be legal and taxed, with 10 per-cent of the taxes going to rehab facilities or morgues.  Either that or continue to kill  sixty-three  ( 63 ) thousand   people a year in overdoses and needless jail time.  That’s more in one year that all of Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan combined.