IT SEEMS TO ME….Being unbiased is a myth



The left-leaning mainstream news media like to claim they’re unbiased. Even to the casual observer this is obvious nonsense. For over fifty years of my experience they have been obviously predominantly liberal in their presentation of what passes for news. Surveys taken of news organizations reveal they vote about 90% democrat. A more neutral approach would do a lot to improve their dismal credibility, but finding unbiased reporters is actually quite impossible. The solution would be to get more conservative people in the news media, which is not appealing to anyone. Conservatives are reluctant to work in such a hostile environment, and liberals make it clear that they actually hate conservatives.

We all are biased, we form opinions about things even though we may have little or no knowledge about them. To make matters worse studies show that the more ignorant a person is about a subject, the more (s)he thinks (s)he knows about it. Consequently there are a lot of people with strong opinions about subjects who really know almost nothing what they’re talking about.

The only topics we are actually unbiased about are those in which we have no interest. This is why sports organizations try to use officials for competitions from locations which are distant from the teams competing so they will have no interest in the outcome.

Some people probably can suppress their biases to some degree, but those who don’t recognize their own biases are not among them. If you don’t recognize you have a problem then you have no motive to try to correct it. The mainstream news media have lost their credibility with their liberal bias and their outright hatred for President Donald Trump and conservatives in general. They are a significant part of the swamp that needs to be drained, like pond scum.

But we conservatives must do far more than complain about the Leftist news media. We’ve been doing that for as long as I can remember without any improvement; in fact it is getting worse. We must join the Leftists so that our voices can be heard and provide some balance. We must defend our beliefs and articulate our philosophy. We need to rebut the daily insults the Left hurls at us. We have to stop being punching bags for the Left. There are more of us, but they speak louder than we do. We can’t allow this to continue.


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