Here are a few things the scummy Democrats want.  Federal control of all state elections, maybe the Democrats that interviewed Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh could update Fancy Nancy’s bill.


The Editor:  What is your article about, LL ?

Thomas Jefferson Cat:  The goal of the Democrats.  Their goal is to destroy American Culture and make America a third world country.   Why else would you praise illegal immigrants and talk of Republicans being cruel, while you vote against a bill to protect  new born babies.

The following links are what most Democrats vote for and support.   They support illegal killers and child rapist over American citizens.   They are like teenagers thinking it won’t happen to them.

Here is another goal of the DemocRATs.  To have trials in Spanish, and Sharia Law for Muslims.

The argument about the wall is just plain stupid.  If we have only twelve ( 12 )  years left, because of global warming,  we need it even more.  Everyone in Central and South America will be on their way.  Walls work for these people.

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