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The Editor:  That sounds like a party in Congress or DC,  LL.

Abracadabra  Cat:  It sure does.  The IQ of NYC and DC both went up when AOC moved to Washington.  Here is why you can’t live near any type of monkey.  If you shoot a few the rest will stay away.

Sprinkle some opium on them, and the parrots will chase them away.

Starbucks wants more money.

The monkeys and parrots are both smarter than the magic Democrats in Oregon.

Now the Bahamas are not safe.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Central Magnetic Field of the Cigar Galaxy
Image Credit: NASA, SOFIA, E. Lopez-Rodriguez; NASA, Spitzer, J. Moustakas et al.

Explanation: Are galaxies giant magnets? Yes, but the magnetic fields in galaxies are typically much weaker than on Earth’s surface, as well as more complex and harder to measure. Recently, though, the HAWC+ instrument onboard the airborne (747) SOFIA observatory has been successful in detailing distant magnetic fields by observing infrared light polarized by reflection from dust grains. Featured here, HAWC+ observations of the M82, the Cigar galaxy, show that the central magnetic field is perpendicular to the disk and parallel to the strong supergalactic wind. This observation bolsters the hypothesis that M82’s central magnetic field helps its wind transport the mass of millions of stars out from the central star-burst region. The featured image shows magnetic field lines superposed on top of an optical light (gray) and hydrogen gas (red) image from Kitt Peak National Observatory, further combined with infrared images (yellow) from SOFIA and the Spitzer Space Telescope. The Cigar Galaxy is about 12 million light years distant and visible with binoculars towards the constellation of the Great Bear.

Tomorrow’s picture: touchdown on ryugu