The Editor:  What is the story of brain waves, LL ?

Mensa Cat:  It isn’t anything new.  Almost everyone knows that your thinking process often works in your subconscious.  That leaves a large part of your brain free to make current and new decisions, like where to get drugs.  Your subconscious lets you know if current decisions to be made are harmful, based on previous experience.

Guess who just had a birthday ?    She was one of the first females to be punished, persecuted, and made fun of for being white, christian and attractive.

Carmakers need to give new quiet electric cars a sound to let people using their smart phones know that danger is near.   (  see link one )

Princess White Dove has a good idea.

Zuckerberg has an escape plan.  I hope it is better than Sadam Hussein’s.

Some of the Trump haters in Hollywood have been cheating.


  1. Good evening, Lois Lion… seems to me that Boeing 737 Max is starting to look like the New Coke formula of 1985.

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