The Editor:   Why are there, what, LL ?

Answer Cat:  Why are there more fools, idiots, crooks, sex offenders, drug addicts, thieves, and just generally unpleasant mean people in politics ?   The answer is that there are no qualifications for most elected offices.  Age and citizenship are two that I can think of.

TE:  For our new readers, how did we get to where we are, LL ?

Our current problems started  with war criminal Bush 41.  He stirs up the Middle East hornets nest which led to war criminal Bush 43 making things much worse.

Next,  you toss in no border protection for thirty  ( 30 ) years, and no budget control.  You wind up with this.

With twenty-five million illegals what can we look forward to, AC ?

Not much.  The Democratic Socialist want illiterate illegals here so they can control them, and change the culture.  The MSM agrees.

This is the goal.

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