Fancy Nancy wants people to vote when they reach age sixteen ( 16 ).

The NCAA brackets are final.


The  Editor:   What is your title about, LL ?

I Don’t Know Cat:   I have no idea.  The political correct fools are, I think, trying to get a voice that doesn’t sound male or female.  It might offend someone.

I like HAL’s voice.  We should put him on the border.  Dave could sound the alarm every time a future illegal got near the border.

The millennial’s  and other fools think Socialism is a good replacement for free enterprise.

They must have not noticed that America is bankrupt.  About two-thirds of the debt is owned by Americans.

Here is a good view of soon to be bankrupt NYC.

Pelosi is having a senile dream.  It sure will be nice to see her retire and disappear.

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