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“Just when I think I have heard it all….a Democrat drinks another bottle of Stupid Tonic. Biden should just pay Jussie Smollett’s way out of his sixteen felony charges, and take him as a running mate. That way he can check the Gay, Picked-on Criminal and Black box all at the same time.” -Sheila Tolley-


Report: Biden Advisers Consider Stacey Abrams as Running Mate




The Editor:  Is this about pigs, LL ?

Oink, Oink Cat:  Mostly it is about hogs.  There are very few things that we actually need from the Communist Chinese.  Food is not one of them.

Here is another hog, a rich one.

All but one of the announced Democrats are hogs.  We should send them to China.


You won’t see this pigeon begging for food.

Here is a Unicorn still upset about missing the Ark.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Star Trails and the Equinox Sunrise
Image Credit & Copyright: Juan Carlos Casado (TWAN, Earth and Stars)
Acknowledgement: Andrea Rodriguez Anton

Explanation: Stars trail and the Sun rises in this night and day composite panorama made on March 19. The view looks toward the eastern horizon from La Nava de Santiago, Spain. To create it, a continuous series of digital frames was recorded for about two hours and combined to trace the concentric motion of the stars through the night sky. A reflection of the Earth’s rotation, star trails curve around the north celestial pole toward upper left and the south celestial pole toward the lower right. Of course on that day the Sun was near the celestial equator, a diagonal straight line in the wide-angle projection. A dense dimming filter was used to capture the Sun’s image every two minutes. Superimposed on the star trails it rose due east in the morning sky. In the scene, foreground landscape and a local prehistoric monument were illuminated by full moonlight, though. The monument’s corridor faces nearly to the east and the equinox sunrise.

Tomorrow’s picture: winter sky symphony