Trump is not charged with anything.


The Editor:  Is the liberal-mind a waste, LL ?

Twilight Zone Cat:  It is a mental disease, for sure.  Here is why Amigo doesn’t listen to them, including actors, comedians, politicians, and news/opinion people.

Here is another one, having a breakdown.

Here is a once great man who has lost touch with reality.  In John’s lucid moments he remembers when he marched against the Democrats who were members of Kappa, Kappa, Kappa.  The Southern Poverty Law Center turned into a hate organization.

Biden is going to give up his ties to the Chinese and Ukrainians.

Bernie Sanders, who lives in poverty, is going to make an example for the rich people and give two ( 2 )  of his  three  ( 3 )  houses to the poor.  He will also give up private airplane use and fly  in groups  like Bill Clinton.

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